Leftovers is a series exploring time and waste. Today's society is known for producing tons upon tons of waste from packaging, products, and what I find most interesting- food. I was raised with the saying, "You're privileged to have food so you need to eat that; there are starving kids out there." It is something that I have taken to heart. Not only is it a financial waste to throw away leftover food or old, unused produce, but it is a waste when the food could have gone to someone who really needed it. Furthermore, there is increasing concern on where to put our waste, as space is eventually going to run out.

Over the period of a year or so, I have produced lumen prints from items that I was going to throw away. I have focused on mostly expired food products, so that I could justify to myself that I was able to put the foods to good use before tossing them out. By exposing the prints outdoors, I have allowed the elements to affect the food products and also for nature to leave its mark on the compositions. Like some of my past series, I wanted to showcase the beauty in decay.